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About Coulee Creative



Get to know us: a team of IELTS instructors and experts who brought you IELTS Planet!


IELTS Planet was designed by a team of highly competent IELTS experts and instructors and was developed by an expert team of developers and programmers. IELTS Planet is a result of invaluable insights into the most useful and effective exam preparation methods gained by our experts and instructors through years of exam preparation experience.

Useful and easy-to-use, IELTS Planet helps candidates sail through IELTS by providing them with the most reliable study materials, standard sample tests and IELTS videos and podcasts.

Also, users and candidates can easily get in touch with our experts and instructors to for real-time feedback on their productive skills!
After years of exam preparation experience, our experts strongly believe that getting feedback on productive skills is of paramount significance when it comes to preparing for IELTS. That being said, via interactive features, IELTS Planet provides candidates with the opportunity to get in touch with our experts and receive customised feedback on their Speaking and Writing.


About IELTS Planet.


What our app does.


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IELTS Planet
Explore a galaxy of new tips and techniques!

Tips & Tricks

A galaxy of new tips and tricks!

Looking for the latest tips and tricks to ace your IELTS test?
Check out our unique set of videos and podcasts!
We all know apart from a good knowledge of English, learning tips and tricks of IELTS is vital when it comes to achieving your desired band score in this test.
IELTS Planet provides you with an easy-to-use collection that teaches you all the tips and tricks you need to sail through IELTS via simple podcasts and videos. Here is the good news: learning tips, tricks, dos and don’ts of IELTS is no longer a boring task!
So what are you waiting for? Watch, listen and learn!

Cambridge IELTS books

Access all Cambridge IELTS books!

In addition to Cambridge IELTS books 6-13, IELTS Planet provides you with detailed explanations along with the answers to questions, tapescripts and everything you need to make regular headway with your exam preparation.
Having done each test, you can check your answers, read the analyses and gain an accurate insight into what your weaknesses and strengths are. As a result, you can focus on maintaining your strengths and work harder to cover your weaknesses.
This is how you can prepare yourself for “the big day” more effectively!

Real-time Samples

Real-time speaking and writing samples!

Going through samples is an integral part of IELTS preparation.
We all know that going through standard samples is the only way we can effectively familiarise ourselves with the conditions of the real test.
On IELTS Planet, you can find a collection of real-time speaking and writing samples along with band score analyses and examiner’s feedback. You can accurately go through each sample and read the analyses to learn the hacks and avoid making common mistakes.
You can even set a reminder for yourself in case you need to go through some samples more than once!

Test yourself!

Get feedback on your speaking & writing!

Feedback is everything!
When it comes to speaking and writing, it is sometimes difficult to track your progress. Excelling at these skills requires diligence and accuracy along with a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. So how can you find out what exactly you should do to score higher in speaking or writing? Don’t worry, IELTS Planet is here to help!
You can use the interactive platform of IELTS Planet to reach out to IELTS instructors and ask for detailed feedback on your speaking and writing.
Getting feedback from experienced IELTS instructors can help you to quickly boost your productive skills.